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I offer a number of workshops and seminars throughout the year. I feel it is very important that people learn how to take care of them selves as best as they can. There are many basic self care and home care things we can do for ourselves and our families. Please sign up for my mailing list to be notified of new workshops, ‘Like’ my Facebook page, or check this webpage for future updates. There are no refunds on classes once the course/workshop/talk/walk/series has started. In addition to the workshops below and my one-on-one sessions as a medical herbalist, I may be available for clinic hours for students of herbal medicine that are requiring clinical hours for professional membership to a herbalist association. Physical examinations, herbal dispensing, case history taking, interviewing skills and supervised patient intakes are covered. Cost: $10 per hour. Please email or call me if you have any questions or would like to register for any of the below classes!


2020 Alchemical Power Couple Retreat Weekend

Aug 14th – 16th  2020

At OTTER RIVER FARMS, near Port Burwell, Ontario

This retreat is for couples that are already deeply committed to each other and are interested in building on their cohesion. This is not a counseling weekend. The depths of our hearts are infinite! So there is ALWAYS deeper to go in any relationship. So we will explore going deeper into the heart of our own relationships. And NO, this is not about having to talk about and share our emotions with anyone!! It is about having a nice nourishing weekend away with your partner. There will be herbs, drumming, guided visualization meditations, guest speakers and guest power couples, beer and BBQ nights, and more!  And you are invited to interact with other couples as much or as little as you wish, as this is your weekend!

Click here for more information about the Alchemical Power Couple Retreat Weekend!!!!


1 Day Herbal Medicine Making Workshop – 

In this one day workshop we will learn how to turn plants into medicines, including tinctures, infused oils, salves and more. Notes provided

Date: November 16th, 2019

Time: 10am to 4pm – bring a paper bag lunch with you

Cost: $100 – pre-registration only

Registration limited.

Location: My Place, at Otter River Farms, Ontario

The Elements of Survival Workshops

Global change is upon us. And it is happening fast. Having a deep connection with Mother Earth is foundational. It keeps us grounded, connected and in a balanced and sacred relationship with her. It is from this solid foundation upon which we can live our lives.

Join Chuck Stratton, Sandy Masse and my husband Sean Grantham and I on these foundation building weekends.

In these four weekend workshops you will explore the Sacred Elements of Survival: Fire, Air, Water and Earth, with Ether infused throughout. Each of these Elements will be looked at separately in depth over the weekends. During the Fire weekend will challenge you to create a bow drill kit, build and light a Sacred Fire.  On the Air weekend you will make cordage and build survival Shelters in the wilderness and you may get the opportunity to sleep in one. Water is essential to life so knowing how to collect and purify the Water is paramount to the Elements of Survival. On the Earth weekend you will learn about edible wild plants and several ways of harvesting and cooking them.


It is important to note that when we work with each element,  we are doing more than just a physical act. It is an internal process as well.


Each individual is responsible for their own food and accommodation each weekend. (On site camping is available. People are also welcome to rent a cabin from Otter River Farms if they wish but book ahead just in case!)

A gear list will be sent upon registration.

Sandy Masse and Chuck Stratton – Heron Walk Healing Centre



Weekend #1 – FIRE/ETHER – January 25th& 26th, 2020

Weekend #2 – AIR/ETHER – April 18th& 19th, 2020

Weekend #3 – WATER/ETHER – July 25th& 26th, 2020

Weekend #4 – EARTH/ETHER – November 7th& 8th, 2020


$800.00 for the full curriculum/all 4 weekends

$300.00 for individual weekends
Please speak to us about Family rates



Christine Dennis’s Place and  Otter River Farms.

To register, contact Christine at:

2020 Herb Walk Series

Monthly Herb Walks 6 walks, 2 hrs each.   In these two hour herb walks we will identify a variety of plants and discuss medicinal and edible properties. The benefit of doing a herb walk a month, you get to learn to identify the plants at various developmental stages. Sundays –  1pm to 3pm

Dates: To be announced

Location: My place at Otter River Farms, Port Burwell

Cost: $25/walk or $125 for the series


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