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There are a variety of consultations offered………


All forms are located at the bottom of this page.
Please note that there is no waiting room for family members or friends to wait in, or if you arrive early for your appointment


 To book a consultation with Christine please contact her directly at:

519.874.4532 (landline – no texting)


A Consultation with Nature

A contemplative exploration walk in Nature–no intake forms are necessary.

Together we will walk in Nature exploring what Nature herself has to say directly to YOU! This is not a holistic health consultation; rather it is about exploring Meaning. Be it regarding your life or life path, health and healing or whatever your query may be, a consultation with Nature offers Wisdom that can add a fresh, new and clearer perspective for you.

2 hr $150

An Exploratory Consultation – exploring your life’s journey, dis-ease or whatever ails you

What is an exploration consultation like?

In this consultation we will employ astrology and the Internal Family System model (IFS) of psychotherapy. Are you searching for answers to why you chose your life, or are you questioning what has been manifested? Do you ever wonder if you are doing it right? Or how various parts of yourself might be affecting the way you are doing this journey? Or, if nearing the end of your life, did you achieve what you came here to do? For answers to these questions we can look to the Cosmos, a higher source for information, as well as deep within ourselves for guidance.

To prepare for this particular consultation, the following is required:

  1. Birth date
  2. Birth location – eg. London, ON
  3. Exact time of birth – eg 1:13pm  (if this is not known, we can work around it)

1-hour consultation – In person or via zoom


1  1/2 to 2 – hour – for more time in this exploring  – In person or via zoom


Holistic Health Consultation

What is a holistic consultation like?

A holistic consultation is similar to a visit to a doctor but much longer. An initial consultation involves an in-depth patient history, case assessment and any necessary physical examinations. Herbalists believe that it takes time to get to know a patient as well as get a clearer understanding of the patient’s body and what troubles them. Even in the event that a person does not come to the visit with a diagnosis, a holistic health consult can be effective by means of using traditional diagnostic approaches, allowing a qualified Medical Herbalist to still get an understanding of what is going on in the body.

A treatment plan, may involve specific dietary recommendations, helping the individual to develop healthy lifestyle skills and, if necessary, an individually designed herbal prescription (additional costs – see bottom of the page), may be recommended and given.

With the traditional and energetic diagnostic approaches, Herbal Medicine is particularly effective in treating many of today’s chronic and acute conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Digestive problems
  • Menopause/PMS
  • Frequent colds & flu
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Anxiety, Depression, Grief
  • Stress
  • Fatigue, Low energy levels
  • Hyperactivity
  • Concentration problems

During the more Comprehensive Holistic BodyMindSpirit Consultation, in addition to the above, we may explore any possible psychospiritual aspects of what an individual is experiencing and what their body may communicating to them.  We can explore the meaning in their experiences and ways to move forward.

To prepare for your holistic health consultation appointment:

(this is NOT necessary for the Consultation with Nature or the Soul’s Exploration appointments)

  1. Print and fill out an intake form (child – 7 yrs old and under, or adult) and a diet and lifestyle diary to bring in with you (forms located at the bottom of this page). Be sure to sign the last page of the intake form before coming in.
  2. If applicable, bring in copies of any recent medical tests.
  3. Bring all medication bottles in with you or be sure to write them down on your forms.
  4. Check out the map on the Contact page so you know how to get here on time.

NOTE: This is a home clinic – arriving as close to your appointment time as possible is important. Plus, there is no waiting room for friends and other family members to sit and wait during the consultation. Your understanding and respect is appreciated.

1-hour Holistic Health Consultation- In person


1  1/2 to 2 – hour more Comprehensive Holistic BodyMindSpirit Health Consultation – In person


Returning Follow-up Visits –  In person

Per ½ hour consult:

Per hour consult:

Initial Consultation Phone Consults (if unable to travel to office)

(intake forms are necessary, please mail signed copies ahead of appointment time)

1 hour: $120

Follow-up Phone Consults

1 hr: $120

1/2 hr: $60

Other Phone Calls (5-10min) or ONE Email Question*


 *Emails – Due to time restrictions, please note that emails should not be used as a substitute for visits. Quick questions rarely equals quick answers. Please always sign your full name to emails.


Tinctures Creams & Salves Dried Herbs (teas)
50 mls $20 25 mls $15 $20
100 mls $30 50 mls $20
200 mls $40


Intake Questionnaires

A completed Intake Questionnaire is required for you to bring with you to the initial consultation.

Adult Intake Form

Child Intake Form – 7 yrs old and under

Other Forms

Diet and Life Style Diary

Symptom Assessment Scale

Contact Us

Have questions or want to book an appointment? E-mail me here.

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