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“Hello, I have been working with people like you for 25 years. Understanding the importance of the new innovations that are coming through, the modern science – when done well, and the various ancient healing systems that have been around for thousands of years, I feel that often it is best that people learn to really listen to their own hearts and intuition, and often to walk with a foot in all worlds. And that in an ideal world all health practitioners work together. I know that there is a time and place for conventional pharmaceuticals and procedures, for the ancient healing medicines and ceremonies, and also for intuition, for the new interactions, interceptions and innovations. Ideally we would have one complementary health care system, where the focus first is on health vs disease, on prevention vs interventions, on deep healing vs managing symptoms. Where we unpackage signs and symptoms, and enter into dialogue with them, instead of just shooting the messengers.

Optimal health is multifaceted with multiple layers, and therefore may very well require multiple levels of healing and treatments. In my practice and classes, there is a weaving together of science, historical traditional knowledge and the Mystery.  A large part of health and healing is about connection and reconnection, with and on all levels of our being – our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and community levels. Where we approach ourselves and others, and our health and healing from a place of love, compassion, curiosity and creativity, vs unworthiness, fear, aggression and shame.  With open-hearted acceptance vs just tolerance. 

Humans seek meaning and are symbolic in nature. As meaning makers of life and experiences, the worlds both without and within ourselves are employed as reflections and sources of these meanings. The primary lenses that I invite individuals to seek meaning through are the lens of plants and nature, the cosmos, and most importantly, through their own inner wisdom. I deeply enjoy supporting people in restoring and healing their relationship with Nature, Self and the Cosmos. 

It is in our DNA records how to harvest and make herbal medicines and to connect with the world around us, including the night sky. Every woman used to be a herbalist for their own family and they understood that the sky was interacting with them and their lives. And I believe that it is this DNA reminder that is being awakened, as Nature and the Cosmos calls people back to learning about themselves and the plants and nature, and the sky above us. I look forward to being a part of that remembering for you.” 

– Christine Dennis, RH, MNIMH, MSc. (Herb. Med.)

Workshops & Classes

Christine offers weekly seminars, one-day workshops, and other classes about herbal medicine.

Holistic Health Consultation

This is a one-on-one appointment with you to discuss your health and the herbal remedies that are best suited to help you.

A Consultation with Nature

Different from the health consultation, this is a contemplative exploration walk in Nature–we explore what Nature herself has to say directly to YOU!

Why visit a Medical Herbalist?

Ask yourself these important questions:

  1. What do you feel is most important for a good quality of life?*
  2. How many hours a week to do you spend planning, working, commuting, cleaning, tidying, etc?
  3. Now how many hours a week do you spend on your health and wellness?
  4. People are living longer. In what state of health are you planning on spending your extra years?
  5. Are you doing enough now for your health and wellness?

We are typically focusing so intently on working hard at making a living thus living in the present. Now ask yourself – is your health such that you are enjoying the present? What about your future? *Research has repeatedly revealed that health is consistently believed to be most important in determining a good quality of life.

Your health is an investment!

You spend your time and money investing in your home, your vehicles, your savings as well as your family and other relationships. But what about you and your health? What about your family’s health?

Herbal medicines are a very inexpensive investment when given by a qualified Medical Herbalist who offers an individualized approach that focuses on you and your health complaint. It is more successful than self medicating with herbal medicines from a health food shop, plus, it is less expensive as you are being given recommendations for just what you need. Recommendations are almost never the same as another person with similar symptoms, as it is the person being treated not the illness. This individualized approach is the key to successful treatment.

There is a time and place for both conventional drugs and herbal medicines. And they can be safely used together when prescribed by a knowledgeable Medical Herbalist.
Herbal medicines do not have the side effects that drugs do and they help heal the underlying cause of the illness; they do not just cover up the symptoms.


Christine’s office is located in her home on her farm, which is nestled in her family’s farm, Otter River Farms. Otter River Farms offers woodlands cabins, wilderness camping as well as a large retreat/guesthouse for nightly, weekend or weekly getaways.

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