Alchemical Power Couple Retreats

 Alchemical Power Couple Retreats

In these Alchemical Power Couple Retreats, we share different ideas, concepts and techniques to explore going deeper into the heart of our relationships. With the global changes that are taking place, we feel that more than ever it is important that couples are tight, resilient and working together. We use the term alchemical because alchemy is an ancient spiritual practice used to turn our “lead into gold”. When we each turn inward and turn our own “lead into gold”, and then we both bring our “gold” to the heart of our marriage, magic happens. We use the term Power Couple to describe the synergy that happens when we come together in this magical way, where 1 + 1 = 3! And no we are not talking about babies! Though it has been known to happen…. 

Our intentions for the various retreats, be it an evening or weekend retreat, is to create the space and help support couples:

  1. in being a power couple
  2. in nourishing their relationship as they explore going deeper into the heart of it
  3. in being better relationship role models for children, family and society as a whole
  4. in being able to find ways that together they can live and help others live a more resilient life

We do this by inviting guest couples who we recognize as being a Power Couple, ie. working together in a synergetic way, to share their journey and knowledge with us all. We invite them to share what works and what did not work for them over the years, how they navigated the difficult times, and how it is they are working together in the world today. We bring in various guest speakers to share ideas and techniques that couples might find helpful and perhaps incorporate into their lives or relationship if it resonates with them. We bring in fun entertainment and delicious meals.

We offer individual and group retreats. We offer evening “date nights”, one day and weekend retreats. All retreats are open to everyone; both same and opposite sex couples.

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Weekend Retreats

Alchemical Power Couple Retreat Weekend

“Going Deeper into the Heart”

at Otter River Farms

Aug 14th – 16th  2020

This retreat is for couples that are already deeply committed to each other and are interested in building on their cohesion. This is not a counseling weekend. The depths of our hearts are infinite! So there is ALWAYS deeper to go in any relationship. So we will explore going deeper into the heart of our own relationships.

And NO, this is not about having to talk about and share your emotions with the group unless you wish to!! It is about having a nice weekend away with your partner and should something come up for you and you wish to discuss it with your partner, that is up to you.

There will be drumming, guided visualization meditations, guest speakers and guest power couples, beer and BBQ night, and more! It is about relaxing and having fun with each other!! All participation is optional, yet strongly encouraged. If at any time you and your partner wish to sit out and go for a break or walk instead, you are safe to do so. And you are invited to interact with other couples as much or as little as you wish, as this is your weekend!

We just suggest that each couple consider coming with open hearts and open minds, or at least consider doing so at some point during the weekend, and dare to be more open and vulnerable with each other. And you do not need to worry about being vulnerable with the group.  As with everything, safety comes first!! We will be discussing what makes a safe space so that we can trust our selves and our partners to go deeper.

The investment in your relationship for the weekend is $550/couple plus tax, and includes Saturday evening entertainment, and all snacks and all meals (Friday evening dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch.)

This retreat will be located at Otter River Farms in Southern Ontario, 11km from Port Burwell which is on Lake Erie.  Accommodation is optional, yet encouraged, and would be an additional cost – choices vary from $30 – $160 per couple. These range from camping on site, a bedroom in the guesthouse, on site bunkies, to lovely rustic private off grid cabins near or in the forest. First come, first served. More on Otter River Farms cabins, guesthouse and wilderness camping.


Alchemy is the ancient practice of transformation, that is, turning “lead into gold”. Now of course this is not about turning actual lead into gold, rather it can be understood as turning something that is lack-luster like lead, into something that is sparkly and shines like gold!  It is a self transformation practice. So perhaps adding some shine and sparkle to an already comfortable relationship! We can do this by together going deeper into our hearts and the heart of the relationship.

Here we are referring to synergy!!
Synergy is the creation of something new and whole. It is the result of an interaction between two or more things, and when combined, produce a greater effect than would be normally expected. It is 1+1=3!! And the power of the interaction, the synergy, is often unexpected and unpredictable! So why not see what happens when we open to and invite synergy into all of our relationships?   And perhaps see what “new” can be created in our relationships and therefore our lives.


Registration– 4pm to 6pm

Dinner BBQ 6pm -7pm

7pm – 9pm

Welcoming Session– Opening circle; establishing group safety;

Guest speaker – Derek Scott, IFS therapist


Breakfast 7 – 9 am

9am – 12pm (with 30 min break at 10:15)

Session– Guest Speaker Derek Scott IFS therapist

Lunch 12 – 1:30pm

1:30 – 2:30pm

Session   connecting session – guided meditation

3 – 5pm

Session   connecting session – guided meditation

Dinner BBQ 5:30 – 6:30

7pm – 9pm

Saturday evening entertainment– Sheila Horrell – Deep Dreaming Group Drumming


Breakfast 7 – 9am

9am – 12pm

Session– connecting session plus guided meditation

Lunch 12 – 1:30

1:30 to 3:30 pm

Session– Guest Power Couple – Shantree Kacera and Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera of “The Living Centre”


Closing Circle

* all guided meditation are just 10 to 20 mins long at the most.


 To Register, please contact us at or 519.874.4532

Guests and Bios

These are 2019 Speakers and Guests. Watch for update for 2020 Retreat Weekend! 

Guest Speaker:

Derek Scott

Sean and Christine have had the great pleasure of Derek’s friendship for over 10 yrs now. What a wonderful, deep and rich journey we have shared together! And we can honestly say that Derek walks his talk, and he fully shows up in all that he does. Living a life of service, we are so excited and deeply grateful to have Derek come and join us this weekend to share his knowledge and experience that helps to facilitate compassionate communication, both within ourselves but also with our partners. His sharing is guaranteed to be both an eye and heart opener!

“Who (else) is in this Relationship?

You love your partner, you are committed to being with them, yet sometimes it’s like you get taken over by a part of you that gets mad at them, sees them as wrong, perhaps controlling/manipulative… and that can lead to escalating conflict and/or old patterns that you can get stuck in. Sound familiar?

Have your solutions been to get them to change? To change yourself? To threaten to leave?

What if there was another option?

What is that part of you that gets mad at them was a part of you that is protecting you? What if it was protecting some vulnerability in you? And what if it were possible to connect with that vulnerability in a safe and loving way… and to heal it?

Chances are if you could do that the angry part would be able to relax; the dance changes.

During this weekend you will have the opportunity to learn about the various parts of us that engage in and get triggered by our intimate relationships. You may discover that you have a rich and engaging inner life that you can share with your partner if you so choose.

The model of the personality that we will be working with is the “Internal Family System” – an evidence-based model that is revolutionizing the world of psychology and psychotherapy and is based on the recognition that our personality operates as a system of “parts”.

For a brief introduction please go to this link: click on the video “Understanding the Personality System”.

I look forward to meeting you,


Derek Scott

Derek is a registered social worker and certified IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapist with an international private practice via skype based in London Ontario. He has worked in the field of counselling/therapy for 35 years. He is a popular guest lecturer at the University of Western Ontario and has presented at numerous national and international conferences. He is a published author writing in the are of the Internal Family Systems and grief.

Derek’s personal and professional experiences with multiple loss and burnout have taught him the value of attending to his own parts’ needs and he brings these values to his work with professional caregivers. He balances his work life with time with his 15 year old daughter and his dogs.


Guest Power Couple:

Shantree Kacera and Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera of “The Living Centre”

Even though Shantree and Christine have known each other as fellow herbalists for over 20 yrs through the Ontario Herbalists Association, it has been so delightful the last several years now when the 4 of us all get together to visit. Either on long walks, or sitting sharing some sort of plant based beverages and fabulous food, we talk shop with regards to the plants, Nature and Spirit. We share our heart’s hopes and desires but also our deep concern for Mother Earth and fellow travellers, as we continue to move even deeper into these times of transition and great change. We are so happy to have our dear friends come and share their journeys with everyone. They are sure to both move and inspire.


Lorenna & Shantree are co-founders and directors of The Living Centre, Eco-Spiritual Education Sanctuary, in London, ON. – est. 1983. They have woven their hearts and work together for 23 years. As their relationship with each other is central to their lives and happiness, they devote conscious time to explore relationship as a mirror and how to keep their relationship alive and juicy. They see relationship as a great opportunity to learn the art of honesty, vulnerability and unconditional love.

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera is founder of Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings, (est. 1989), a grandmother and daughter of the Earth. Lorenna has followed her own wild heart to grow Earth centered training pathways which she has offered across North America. Weaving story and wise council, Lorenna supports us at this time of global crisis to return emboldened to Earth and to our own human wildness. She offers Wild Earth, Wild Heart mentorship programs, Primordial Journeys and Re-Wilding the Divine Feminine experiences.

Shantree Kacera D.N., Ph.D.received his doctorate in Nutritional Medicine and Herbalism in the 70’s. Since then he has been exploring the effect of foods and herbs in an integrative lifestyle approach to one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.He offers an intregal approach to Ayurvedic Medicine, Living Nutrition, Therapeutic-Energetic Herbalism and Constitutional Medicine

Saturday Evening Entertainment Facilitator:

Sheila Horrell

We just can not envision these retreats without Sheila and all her drums!!! Any time Christine has the opportunity to drum with Sheila she does it! Wow! The journey she guides us through up in the Old Barn is both as much fun as it is magical! With no one left behind, even those drumming newbies, Sheila skillfully stirs and awakens the inner drummer in all of us. It is so wonderful to witness people’s eyes light up, their toes a tapping and heads a bobbing to the beat of the drums, and to the other mystical and marvellous musical instruments that Sheila brings for us all to explore with and enjoy. This is often one of the highlights of the weekend. We are so deeply grateful to be able to visit, dine and drum with Sheila again this year.

Sheila Horrell

After studying percussion with various drummers here and internationally, Sheila has been facilitating workshops and Drum Circles for many groups  in Southwestern Ontario, including schools, universities, camps, nursing homes, conferences and agencies.

The experience of introducing new drummers to the ease and joy of music making with the drum has been a prime motivator for Sheila’s continued success.  There is nothing like witnessing someone relaxing into their own rhythm and having fun contributing to the music of the whole drumming community.

For more info on Sheila visit




For more information Alchemical Power Couple Retreat contact Christine at

About Us

Christine Dennis and Sean Grantham

Christine Dennis and Sean Grantham

We have been together for over 25yrs now, and MOST of it has been good. 🙂  But there have been times, like all relationships, when life has gotten in the middle of our marriage. After the initial “honeymoon period”, stressors like young children, other family members and in-laws, financial constraints, heavy work loads, managing a home and family, are just a few examples that we had to navigate, much like many relationships do. With much work, we came to a place of comfort and felt we managed these stressors fairly well. Yet, we knew that we could have more than just a comfortable marriage.

We also realized that as our children were getting older and would eventually move out to go to college and university. We also knew that they were often the glue that bound us together and got us through the difficult times. Those bonds and glue were going to be changing, and we questioned what would be the bonds left between us and how well were we going to navigate this transition time. This is when we started exploring going deeper into the heart of our marriage.

The depths of our hearts are infinite. So there is ALWAYS more to explore in any relationship. In this exploration process we discovered new connections within our selves but also between us. These new connections created bonds that now keep taking us deeper and deeper into our own hearts which then leads us deeper into the heart of our relationship together. And as we do this our relationship is becoming richer and more nourishing as time goes on and our love for each other continues to grow. Being together is a delight, and we now choose to spend as much time together as possible.

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